Mining Anthracite Coal in Pennsylvania during WW2

“Drive for Anthracite”, Made by the Office of War Information for the War Production Board. This is the era of my Dad, although he went from working in the mines to being as soldier in WWII in the Italian Campaign. When he returned to the States, he returned to the mines…


Inside Anthracite Mining

From the 1930s, a great explanation of Anthracite mining and how things work. Filmed at Glen Alden Coal, and I believe it would be the Huber Breaker in Ashley, Pa, outside Wilkes-Barre.


Who Are These Anthracite People?

1 2 3 4 What happened to this region is part of the story of anthracite. The impact of hard coal upon the economy of Northeastern Pennsylvania is another. But the story that lingers is the saga of these that historian John Bodnar in 1983 christened the Anthracite People—the resourceful, vibrant, brave, and hardy people READ MORE >>


Mine Subsidences

There are more than a million homes in Pennsylvania that sit on top of abandoned coal mines, and although there is not really any way to prevent a hole from caving in, there is one thing you can do before it happens. If you’re on top of an old coal mine, please get mine subsidence READ MORE >>


Images of the Pennsylvania Anthracite Region

A stylish, and sometimes haunting, collection of photos of the coal region and what once was. Please feel free to leave a comment if you recognize, or have a connection, to a place in this collection. VIEW THE EXHIBIT


A Coal Cracker Remembers

John J. Stoffey was 95 when he died in early January 2017.  He wrote what he called “Memories of a Coal Cracker” in the 1960s.   Bill White, from The Morning Call, shares his memories with us. READ MORE


Sweet Home Schuylkill County

Contains some adult language that may be objectionable to some viewers.


Workin’ In a Coal Mine

Dirty Job’s Mike Rowe goes deep inside an Anthracite mine just outside Pottsville in Schuykill County, Pennsylvania where he gets down and dirty during a shift in the mines with Steve Rothermel and co-workers at the R. S.& W. Coal company workings. If you are from the Coal Region, you will recognize the western Schuylkill READ MORE >>